kindikiTharaka-Nithi County Governor Samuel Ragwa and Senator Kithure Kindiki clashed at a funds drive in aid of a church in the county where they accused one another of having poor development records.

The two who were meeting for the first time since Governor Ragwa appeared before the Senate Public Accounts Committee where he was put to task over a countless county issues.

Prof Kindiki accused Ragwa of misappropriating public funds, initiating unrealistic projects and issuing fake cheques to institutions alluding to the restocking of rivers with fish fingerlings and a decision by the county government to buy snakes meant for the establishment of a park which according to him, the projects were meant to siphon public money in disguise of development.

“It is a criminal offence punishable by law to issue fake cheques and the county government should be held responsible,” said Prof Kindiki.

The county boss on his part accused the senator of political witch hunt and being a rumour monger who has caused discord in the county.

He said Prof Kindiki was using lies against him to remain relevant in the county’s politics after the senator failed to deliver on his promises.

Ragwa got backing from Prof Kindiki’s rival, Kiambi kiriiri, for the senate seat in the 2017 elections who accused the senator of failing to lobby for development projects despite his influential position as senate majority leader.



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