rutomutuaDeputy President William Ruto has responded to the message directed to him by Busia Women Representative Florence Mutua, who accused him of interfering with her marriage.

Ms Mutua complained that Ruto discussed her during a meeting with Members of the Busia County Assembly held on August 1, in Nairobi.

She said that During this visit, the DP made her re-election and that of Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong the sole subjects of discussion.

“I am a proud daughter of Western Kenya by birth and I am a resident of Western by marriage. Ruto must not attempt to define my origins for me and he must get out of my personal birth and marital life,” the MP vented.

However, Ruto through his Communication Secretary David Mugonyi has dismissed the claims saying the Busia legislator was lying since she was not even in the meeting to know what was discussed.

Mugonyi affirmed that the DP respects women and that Ms Mutua should not be worried about who Ruto meets.

In her message, Ms Mutua blatantly told off the DP saying: “If the DP has problems with me personally, I challenge him to face me directly and stop using MCAs to fight his personal wars”.

She went ahead to instruct Ruto, who has been caught severally politicking, to focus on development issues that will steer the country forward, adding that his ‘brand of politics was tearing the country apart’.


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