jamKigumo MP Jamleck Kamau has warned Murang’a Governor Mwangi Wa Iria to keep off his functions

This comes after the governor said he does not need an invite or consent to attend his bitter rival’s public events in any part of Murang’a County.

Governor Wa Iria vowed to be gracing all the public events organized by Kamau in any part of the county, saying that as the county boss he does not require any invitation.

“I will always be the unexpected guest. Mr Jamleck Kamau is afraid of my presence because he cannot lie or malign my name in public as he is used to in my absence,” the governor said.

The legislator however asked the governor to respect his functions by keeping off them, saying he has never invaded or gate-crashed his functions.

He accused Wa Iria of causing unnecessary tension with intent to cause chaos with his supporters and disrupting his functions.

The comments by the MP follow an incident in Kamahuha where Wa Iria attended a funds drive in which the Kigumo MP was the chief guest but represented by his wife, Agnes Irungu.

The governor is accused of arriving at the function together with his supporters who were riding on boda bodas with loud music playing from the a public address system mounted on one of his vehicles, causing undue disturbance.

“Just like I don’t attend his functions to disrupt them and cause chaos, I also expect him to show me the respect that I deserve,” the MP said.

The MP further claimed that the governor has so far attended and disrupted three of his events in two months, citing his expression of interest in the gubernatorial seat as the likely cause of the rivalry.

He lamented that before that, Wa Iria’s supporters had disrupted another fundraiser for women groups in Kahuro where he was the chief guest before heavily armed police intervened.

The MP has been a fierce critic of the governor, accusing him of mismanaging the county’s resources.

The governor, on the other hand, has accused the MP of failing to respect his office.



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